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Meet Piper, Mrs. Mad Scientist's Dog

Karen (my wife) wanted a puppy, preferably a Border Collie. She saw a litter of Border Collie mix puppies at the shelter in Dalhousie, and next thing you know Karen and her friend were on their way!

Piper is very smart. Some of her favorite things include going to the bark park, fetching a stick, and of course chewing on a bone.

Piper just after Karen brought her home.

Piper likes to play in the back yard.

Piper going for a walk.

Piper spots something interesting on her walk.

A hoopy frood always knows where her towel is!

Piper likes to play in the snow at the bark park.

Zaphod and Piper like to play together.
They look fierce here, but they are really just playing.

Piper when we went to the beach to collect driftwood.

Piper in the back yard.

Piper in the back yard, ready to chase a tennis ball.