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Nature Pictures

Here are some interesting pictures of plants, animals, and other things in nature. I will add to these as new pictures become available, so check back often!

Click on any picture for a larger image in a popup window. You must allow popups for this site to view the pictures!

Hundreds of baby spiders. They are about 1 mm long.
A large slug creeping across the ground.
Baby duck swimming in a lake.
Two groundhogs climbing out of their burrow on the back yard.
Inside a hedge at Kingsbrae Garders in St. Andrews, NB.
Tree roots on the side of a cliff.
Squirrel. The squirrels around here aren't very shy.
A beaver lodge. The beavers built it from trees, branches, dirt, etc.
Big waves at the beach on a windy day.
Squirrels appear to go grey as they get older, just like humans!