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Local Caves

There are several caves in or around Saint John, NB. The easiest one to get to is the one in Rockwood Park. If you park in the parking lot by the stables, look for a paved path in the woods. The cave is at the end of the path (just after it turns to dirt), last hole on the left.

Howe's Cave is in the woods behind Peacock's Flower Shop. If you go up the hill past Peacock's driveway, there is a small path leading to the cave.

There is a cave on Dominion Park Island, half way up a cliff on the far side.

The best cave in the area is Kitt's Cave in Barnsville, but I no longer remember how to get to it.

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Dominion Park Island

The cave on Dominion Park Island is basically just a tunnel. It starts with the entrance about half way up a cliff, and ends near the surface a short while later.

Dominion Park Island, Entrance
Dominion Park Island, First Passage
Dominion Park Island, Passage After Bend
Dominion Park Island, Fallen Wall
Dominion Park Island, End Of Cave

Howe's Cave

Howe's Cave (in the woods behind Peacock's) has several passages and rooms once you enter the cave. This cave is fairly decent, but you may need to dig dirt out of some of the smaller passages to explore the whole cave. These few pictures do not show the entire cave.

Howe's Cave, Bottom Of Entrance
Howe's Cave, Passage To Room On Right
Howe's Cave, Room On Right
Howe's Cave, Passage To Room On Left
Howe's Cave, Room On Left
Howe's Cave, Bats In Room On Right